2 competitors playing 4 games

Captain Silver

3rd @ne1for23 94,500

High Seas Havoc

3rd @ne1for23 221,400

Seven Seas Deluxe

3rd @ne1for23 1,205


2nd @blakespot 62
3rd @ne1for23 58

Ahoy me mateys! 'tis time fer adventure 'n glory in today's one day contest inspired by International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Compete with yer fellow swashbucklers high scores to win a digital code fer Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on the platform of your choice (Steam, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS4, Wii U, XBox One, or Amazon Fire TV). 2nd and 3rd place winners be gettin' their choice of retro stickers (two stickers for second, one sticker for third).

Dust off yer retro 'puter or fire up an emulator 'n play th' games pre-selected fer this contest to help ye experience the early days of game piracy.

Contest games list:

  • Cosmic Pirate (Amiga) - Space pirate game. Neat pirate intro.
  • Sailing Through Story Problems (Apple II) - Edutainment math game with a pirate theme.
  • Swashbuckler (Apple II) - Test your pirate swordsmanship.
  • Corsarios (DOS) - A very difficult but impressive early beat ‘em up. You will likely be having the "try all the keys" experience as you learn the controls. You can start on either phase, but Phase 2 has a much more complete pirate theme.
  • ScubaVenture: The Search For Pirates Treasure (DOS) - Developed by Apogee Software Productions, this game is more about exploring a pirate ship.
  • Seven Seas Deluxe (Power PC Mac OS X) - Its a pirate themed game developed and published by PopCap Games in 2001. This runs on PPC Macs running Mac OS X or on Intel Macs with PPC backwards compatibility (Rosetta which was removed after Snow Leopard).
  • High Seas Havoc (Sega Genesis) - A polished pirate themed game by Data East.
  • Captain Silver (Sega Master System) - A bizarre pirate inspired game.
  • Booty (ZX Spectrum) - A pirate themed puzzle game with numbered doors and keys.

In this contest, ye won't be usin' the internet to access game help that didn’t exist around the time the game was made. No manual scans, walk-thoughs, or YouTube videos. Figurin' out what to do to play the game is part of this challenge. Some games make this easy by including help—others make ye guess and experiment.

Entries can be a post on Retrobattlestations on Reddit or on Twitter usin' the hashtag #GameLikeAPirate and a single picture o' yer high score and the system you used to play the game, and today's date. Reddit entries should show yer Reddit username 'n are encouraged to use the official placard. If yer score and system picture is hard too hard to read with yer good eye, ye can provide an additional picture of th' score close-up.

Scorin' be cutthroat in this competition. Select any game options ye want to make the game easier for ye to get a high score. If ye can get the game to display yer score, its valid. Now don't be cheatin' by modifying the game 'er its memory (trainer), or yer entry will be walkin' the plank! With "Sailing Through Story Problems" on Apple II, yer score will be multiplied by yer level (because the maximum possible score for every level is 100). In all games, first to submit a specific score is the only score to be accepted fer identical scores.

Games fer this contest are intended to be played on th' pre-selected platform only. Other versions will be disqualified.

Scorin' will be done by th' point system designed for past high score contests which require 3 competitors in a single game to get a top score in a game, which is then measured against other top scores for other qualified games to determine the 3 finalists.

The scoring method for finalists rewards competitors that do significantly better than their competition. This also means you can weaken your competitors score weight by getting as close as ye can to their score on a specific game.

Hoist the main sail and start your pirate adventure!