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The next highscore challenge - #ColecoWeekend - begins November 11!

Get out your EGA capable computer (or emulator) and try to get the highest score! I'll send a hand crafted joystick vinyl decal (your choice of color) to each person who gets the 1st place score in a game by 7PM PDT Sunday 2017 Oct 08. These gorgeous waterproof vinyl decals are perfect for outdoor use on your car, truck, or boat, or would look great on your laptop! Which game? Your choice! To enter just tweet a picture of your computer with your score on screen and be sure to include the hashtag #EGAWeekend.

As a bonus for getting 1st place on real EGA or EGA compatible hardware (that means no DOSBox, VM, or VDM) I'll also send you one of these custom made Commander Keen stickers!

Your entry must include a picture (not only video) of an EGA game you're playing with the score on screen. The game must be running in EGA mode, not CGA or VGA. If you're playing on real hardware you must also include your computer in the picture with the game. If your score isn't legible in the overall photo you can include a second photo with a closeup of just the screen. Only 1st place scores in games with 3 or more competitors will be declared a winner. You are welcome to submit multiple entries for one or more games. Each winner will receive only one prize even if they acheive the highest score in multiple games.