4 competitors playing 4 games

Caveman Capers

2nd @ne1for23 1,140
3rd @FozzTexx 940

Fire Track

3rd @ne1for23 55,670

Lode Runner

2nd @FozzTexx 36,225
3rd @ne1for23 28,350

Get out your BBC Micro, BBC Master, or emulator and try to get the highest score in your game! I'll send this hand crafted joystick vinyl decal to each person who gets the 1st place score in a game by 7PM PDT Sunday 2017 Mar 05. This gorgeous vinyl decal is perfect for outdoor use on your car, truck, or boat, or would look great on your laptop! Which game? Your choice! To enter just tweet a picture of your computer with your score on screen and be sure to include the hashtag #BBCWeekend.

As a bonus for getting 1st place on real hardware I'll also send you BBC Owl and MOS vinyl decals!

Your entry must include a picture of BBC Micro game you're playing with the score on screen. If you're playing on real hardware you must also include your computer in the picture with the game. If your score isn't legible in the overall photo you can include a second photo with a closeup of just the screen. Only 1st place scores in games with 3 or more competitors will be declared a winner. You are welcome to submit multiple entries for one or more games. Each winner will receive only one prize even if they acheive the highest score in multiple games.

Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Use it to convert a USB game controller for use on your real computer! Here's how to do it!

Be sure to follow @FozzTexx on Twitter to be informed about future retro gaming challenge weekends.